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Property and Contract Law Services

Property law deals with the legal rights and obligations related to real estate and personal property. It covers issues such as ownership, transfer, and use of property. Contract law, on the other hand, governs the formation and enforcement of agreements between parties. It ensures that parties fulfill their obligations and protects their rights in case of a breach.

In the dynamic landscape of property and contracts, Go Legal offers a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to safeguard your interests and ensure a seamless process:

i) Transfer of Property Law:
● Property Sale and Purchase Agreements
● Title Search and Verification
● Lease and Rental Agreements
● Property Registration and Transfers
● Property Partition and Conversion

ii) Indian Contract Act:
● Contract Drafting and Review
● Contract Disputes and Breach
● Contract Negotiation and Strategy
● Contract Termination and Rescission

iii) Land Law (including Jammu and Kashmir Act):
● Property Transactions and Conveyancing
● Land Acquisition and Compensation
● Land Use and Zoning Regulations
● Tenancy and Rental Matters
● Real Estate Development and Construction

iv) Indian Succession Act:
● Will Drafting and Estate Planning
● Probate and Letters of Administration
● Succession Certificate and Legal Heirship
● Estate Administration and Distribution
● Estate Taxation and Compliance


We Provide Best Solutions

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    Transfer of Property Law

    GoLegal is well-versed in Transfer of Property Law, providing expert guidance and support in matters related to property transactions, ownership, and transfers.

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    Land Law

    GoLegal is proficient in Land Law, including the Jammu and Kashmir Act, offering comprehensive legal expertise to address land-related matters and complexities in the region.

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    Indian Contract Act

    GoLegal is highly knowledgeable in the Indian Contract Act, providing sound legal advice and assistance in matters related to contracts, agreements, and contractual obligations in India.